Open for Takeaways

Meals, Merriment and More

Hello, fáilte, bonjour, bienvenido, and willkommen from the Wilkies to The Tavern at Strathkinness.
With our father and son duo in the kitchen, and mum Barbara out front, we welcome you to the family!

The Wilkies

The Tavern has been owned and operated by our little family since 2008. We've been the proprietors of prosperous restaurants and hotels in Nairn, Carnoustie and St Andrews, but it's in Strathkinness where we've also been successful in finding a home.
Our little community is small in stature but lofty with love; and if the pub is the heart of the village, then our friends and neighbours are it's life blood! Live music, quizzes and charity outings are just a few of the ways we try to thank our precious patrons for their support.
But, we're big believers that every stranger is a friend in waiting, and we've been so lucky to forge bonds with buddies all across the globe. From updates on golf handicaps, to requests for recipes, we never tire of hearing from our world-wide locals.

We look forward to you joining the clan!